About Us

a whole lot of lulu

A Whole Lot of LuLu was born from LuLu Boutique & Gifterie, our brick and mortar vintage and resale shop in downtown Phoenixville.

We opened LuLu Boutique & Gifterie in 2011 and within weeks we were asked to bring our goods outdoors. We set up a little table everywhere and anywhere we were asked: church bazaars, festivals, farmers markets, corporate cafeterias. Man, we were shleppin’ stuff all over.

As LuLu grew, we started vending on a larger scale. We were accepted into some of Philadelphia’s best vintage markets, and we realized two things: 

  1. It was really fun and rewarding to set up our little outdoor shop (complete with tent chandelier), meet lots of other vintage-loving vendors, meet new LuLu’ers, and make some money!
  2. We wanted to do this - ourselves. And that our kitschy little town of Phoenixville would be perfect for it (We are the home of Blobfest, afterall. You know, The Blob. B horror film starring Steve McQueen that was filmed in Phoenixville. Yeah, that’s us).

So we started planning our first market. But we wanted to be a little different. Just like our shop we wanted the perfect mix of elements: great vintage pieces, handmade jewelry and crafts, some ugly stuff you would never be caught dead in, some slightly offensive stuff that might not be suitable for your in-laws to see, some dead animals, and two loud obnoxious giggling girls running around trying to pull it all together. And music. Yes, we wanted some good shopping music.

And it would all go down in the parking lot across the street from our shop.

A Whole “Lot” of LuLu.

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