Info for New Vendors

How do I become a vendor?

First, you have to be approved. To be approved you have to submit a vendor application for review.

When is the next market?

A Whole Lot of LuLu will take place on October 8, 2022.

How much are we talkin’ about?

The fee will be $75 for one 10’x10’ spot. If you need two spots, that’s doable too.

How do pick your vendors?

A Whole Lot of Lulu is a juried market. We are looking for people who create, collect, and junk. We are looking for vintage home décor, vintage clothing, handmade, repurposed, upcycled, jewelry, clothes, the neat, and the unusual. Once we sift through all the applications, we'll choose who we think best fits the bill and compile a perfect ratio of all of the above.

What happens if it rains?

We will be selling our stuff in the rain. There are no rain dates or refunds. People want to buy your stuff and they will buy it in the rain! We always hope for the best, but will prepare for the worst.

What do I need to bring?

Vendors are responsible for their entire booth setup including: tables, chairs and any other items necessary to display your wonderful wares. Make your setup up look snazzy, inviting, and make us want to buy all your awesome goods!

We suggest bringing a tent to protect your from rain or too much shine. If you do bring a tent, it must be weighted down.

There are ton of examples on the world wide web, such as these. Nothing will be worse than your tent blowing away, destroying all your poodle tchotchkes, and killing innocent bystanders.

Things to bring besides your tent: cash-o-la for change, Square or something similar for cc charges, a buddy, and your winning personality.

Can I split a spot with another vendor?

You can share a spot with a friend, split the costs, and split your space, but you both need to apply and be approved.

Do you have the logistics planned out?

More details will be sent out to vendors a few weeks before the market date. These details include setup timing and assigned spots. But the day will start around 7am. Don’t worry we’ll bring the coffee!

A snapshot of setup: Check in, pull in, unload, move out, and park your vehicle in town.

A snapshot of breaking down: You can start breaking down at the end of the market. The LuLu ladies will orchestrate when your vehicle can enter the lot. You’ve sold most of your stuff, so it will be much easier to pack your car up. Take all your money and let’s go celebrate!

Where can I eat, drink, and use the restroom?

There are plenty of walkable places in town to eat and drink during the day. If you need to hit the head, there will be port-a-johns on site.